Vicetone Announces North American ‘Lowdown’ Tour


Buy “Lowdown” on Beatport

Ruben and Victor, better known these days by their stage name of Vicetone, aren’t sleeping on their widely successful 2013. Instead, they’re hitting the road again, this time across good ol’ North America. Titled “Lowdown,” aptly named after their most recent track release, the tour will be hitting the usual dance music spots: NYC, LA, Boston, Toronto, Montreal,Chicago, and of course, Miami for Ultra Music Festival. The tour will also include some dabbling in the Las Vegas clubs, namely, Light. Check out the dates on the above tour poster, and be sure to buy tickets if this unquestionably talented duo is visiting a city near you.

This announcement would be incomplete without mentioning the namesake of this tour, Vicetone’s brand new “Lowdown” track. A hard hitting mix of big room house and progressive elements, it will without a doubt be the centerpiece of the pair’s peak time runs. You can listen to the track above via the official music video and be sure to pick it up on Beatport. Also, if you are one of the few and far between readers that haven’t checked Vicetone out yet, be sure to surf their Soundcloud page.