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Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ Becomes Spotify’s Most Played Song With 200 Million Streams

Album sales and track downloads hardly mean a thing in the music industry anymore, especially when it comes to young consumers. People aren’t buying individual songs like they used to – they’re streaming them through services like Spotify, which many of you EDM fans can likely attest to. So when one track reaches over 200 million streams and breaks a world record, that really signifies success these days. The record-breaking song? None other than Avicii’s ubiquitous banger, “Wake Me Up”.

It’s obvious why the single from the Swedish producer was so far-reaching. Take some electro “build-ups” and “drops” that listeners are craving, combine them with sing-along lyrics from vocalist Aloe Blacc and acoustic vibes from Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, and you’ve got a recipe for a genre-spanning, crossover hit. The club, the radio, tv, your little cousin’s iPod…this song has been absolutely everywhere since it’s initial skyrocket of a release.

Congrats to Avicii for his record-breaking smash – in a world where streaming means success, he’s got it down! Say what you will but you can’t deny this track is a hit – enjoy. And if you’re a superfan, be sure to check out him out in Miami in a few weeks at his special hotel!

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