Cazzette Announces Full Dates for Spring Tour ’14


Cazzette Spring Tour 2014

Cazzette, the Swedish duo well known for their catchy tunes and tape-shaped headwear, have announced the comprehensive schedule for their spring 2014 tour.  They’re already on the road, kicking off with the first three shows in Boston, Toronto and Montreal this past week.  They’ll be performing at EDC Mexico as well as the Avicii Hotel during MMW and Saturday at Ultra.  If you’re headed to Vegas, Cazzette will be at XS in March and Surrender in May.  Check out the full dates below.

  • Thursday, March 6th — Royale, Boston, MA
  • Friday, March 7th — UNIUN, Toronto, Canada
  • Saturday, March 8th — New City Gas, Montreal, Canada
  • Thursday, March 13th — Caprice, Vancouver, Canada
  • Friday, March 14th — Union Hall, Edmonton, Canada
  • Saturday, March 15th —EDC, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sunday, March 16th — Dadyo’s, Cancun, Mexico
  • Thursday, March 20th —Foundation Room, Seattle, WA
  • Saturday, March 22nd —Ruby Skye, San Francisco, CA
  • Thursday, March 27th — Avicii Hotel, Miami, FL
  • Friday, March 28th — Mishun, St. Catharines, Canada
  • Saturday, March 29th — Ultra, Miami, FL
  • Sunday, March 30th — XS, Las Vegas, NV
  • Wednesday, April 2nd — INTL, Phoenix, AZ
  • Thursday, April 3rd — LeVu, Dallas, TX
  • Friday, April 4th — Limelight, Houston, TX
  • Saturday, April 5th — Park City Live, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Wednesday, April 16th— Empire Music Festival, Guatemala
  • Thursday, April 17th —Pacha, NYC
  • Friday, April 18th — Echostage, Washington, D.C.
  • Saturday, April 19th — Avalon, Los Angeles, CA
  • Friday, April 25th — London Music Hall, London, Canada
  • Saturday, April 26th — MID, Chicago, IL
  • Thursday, May 1st — LIV, Miami, FL
  • Friday, May 2nd — Roxy, Orlando, FL
  • Saturday, May 3rd — Opera, Atlanta, GA
  • Tuesday, May 8th — Backstage Live, San Antonio, TX
  • Wednesday, May 9th — Surrender, Las Vegas, NV