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The Chainsmokers’ #Selfie Gets A Remake For Gym Bros: ‘#Protein’

Move aside #Selfie, it’s all about #Protein now. The Chainsmokers‘ newest hit is bringing down the dance floors and has the nation buzzing about the trivial trendy things we do on a daily basis. Of these activities, protein drinking is one thing that is getting more popular in the gym world, alongside ‘Do you even lift bro?’ and having ‘gainzz’. The video shows two ‘bros’ having a similar conversation to the two chicks in the original track, but with a twist on gymming, bad mouthing other guys, and getting ripped. It features some hilarious footage of the guys in the gym alongside the redub, making this fitness parody the ultimate contender against the #selfie. With all the gym buffs and the fitness freaks nowadays, this video is sure to have a lot of supporters.

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