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Designer Drugs – The Drugs Are in Control (Album) [Free Download]

After a few months of teasers, previews and sneak-peeks, Designer Drugs have officially released their latest album, The Drugs Are in Control. Following their debut effort Hardcore/Softcore, which made it on iTunes Top 10 in 2011, they’ve released their sophomore full-length LP on their own label, Sex Cult Records.

Designer Drugs – The Drugs Are in Control (Album) | Download

The duo, consisting of Theodore Nelson and Michael Patrick, have become well-known for their aggressive, genre-melding work, and their new album truly is a diverse collection of sounds & styles. While each track maintains that fierce electro energy, they all sound uniquely different, with dynamic melodies and evolving basslines that keep the listener engaged the whole way through. Designer Drugs are by no means an underground name, but they do seem to maintain that defiant, rebellious spirit, and it shows in their music (not to mention the fact that they ditched the major label to release this album independently). Take a listen to this great new album from Designer Drugs, grab a free download, or support the artists by buying it on iTunes here.

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