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Flosstradamus Teases 2 New Tunes for the HdyGrlz & HdyByz

The boys from Flosstradamus have something to say for the HdyGrlz and HdyByz all over the country: ‘Thank you. Thank you for making the tour a success, and for selling out all our shows.’ As a token of their gratitude, Floss, represented in part by Josh, had 2 tracks for everyone; one for the HdyGrlz and one for the HdyByz. The first one, intended for the girls, features a vocal sample from Kelis – Bossy and has a dark and ominous sound to it. The second track, dedicated to the boys, is a nasty trap track that Floss has made a career off of. The drop is reminiscent of the early trap songs and will have people making stank faces across the country when it comes out in full. But don’t expect it to be the same when it drops, Josh assures us that this is “just an idea that we’re working with.” Check out the video below.

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