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Kaskade Uncovers His Most Elusive Album: ‘The Calm’

Mondays  bring nothing but doom and gloom as it signals the end of the weekend and serves as a reminder of all the looming deadlines and quagmire of work piled up. This may be the opinion about Mondays for those who are not acquainted with Kaskade. Kaskade sought out to change the perspective and outlook of our week by bringing us Kaskade Music Mondays. Mondays with Kaskade consisted of original mash ups, reworks and remixes released on his Soundcloud for free download, now Kaskade has upped the ante by pledging to upload his entire music catalog onto Youtube for your listening pleasure. Starting with his debut album “It’s You, It’s Me“, followed by his sophomore release, “In The Moment“, this weeks release brings “The Calm” making the week shine a little brighter. 

Released in 2006 on Quiet City Recordings, “The Calm” is Kaskade’s third full length album and its appearance will surprise all but the die hard fans.”The Calm” is so elusive that it can’t be found on Beatport, Itunes, or  Spotify and you’d be lucky to find it available for purchase. Kaskade mentioned it’s “a difficult collection to get your hands on.“, so having “The Calm” available for free listening is a real treat. The title of the album sums it up with ten tracks of smooth downtempo and slow etheral instrumental progressions. Late Night Alumni’s Becky Jean Williams’ dreamy vocals soar above a few of the tracks, while others are purely instrumental offering soft intricate melodies. If this week seems to be particular tough, Kaskade offers a remedy in the form of music, all you have to do is relax and let the soothing sounds of “The Calm” take over.

Marijke U.
House Head. Kaskade Freak. Los Angeles. Tweet Me: @marijkedmt
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