A look Inside Eric Prydz’s $5.3 Million Hollywood Mansion


Eric Prydz is considerably one of the most esteemed DJ/producer who is truly adept in the mastery of EDM production. 2013 was a prolific and rewarding year for Pryda as he successfully launched the EPIC 2.0 North America tour and released many top-charting singles such as F.A.T and Lycka. The Sweden born DJ spent many years in London and recently moved to LA not long ago to pursue the US market. After the transition to LA, Eric Prydz settled down in an exquisite Hollywood Hills house that he purchased from the former rockstar, Tommy Shaw. Words really can’t do this house any justice so we’re just going to let these photos depict how jaw-dropping thisĀ $5.3 million mansion is.

Pryda’s orĀ Avicii’s?