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Meet Sierra Leone Teenager Kelvin Doe aka DJ Focus: Inventor/DJ/Innovator

A video has recently resurfaced in regards to an absolutely remarkable story centered around a Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (M.I.T.) and Sierra Leone, Africa. The then 15 year-old Kelvin Doe had recently attended an innovation workshop in his country hosted by M.I.T., and ultimately caught an epic case of invention passion.¬†Utilizing discarded and broken electronics strewn throughout trash bins, Kelvin refurbished the parts that were still salvageable, and applying what he learned in the workshop, was able to reverse engineer and produce portable batteries for his village, a generator, as well as an FM radio transmitter. Kelvin yearned for an opportunity to give voice to the youth in his community, so he launched his village’s only radio station, and DJ Focus was born. Watch the short clip of DJ Focus as he visits the U.S. for the first time and prepare to be inspired.

Matt Fritsch
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