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Menno De Jong Feat. Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night

Menno De Jong Feat. Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night
Label: In Trance We Trust | Release Date: March 03, 2014
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There has been such an influx of top notch trance releases lately that “Creatures Of The Night” could not be left to fall by the wayside. The release package is massive, featuring the Original Mix from Menno De Jong as well as remixes from Adam Ellis, Somna, Jonathan Pitch and Chris Porter. Menno De Jong is a Dutch trance producer with a substantial amount of experience under his belt. His latest effort “Creatures Of The Night” is an insanely euphoric cut with chillingly haunting vocals per Noire Lee.

The original mix brings back tones of years gone by with muted synth usages smattered throughout the absolute banging bass and soaring melodic layers in a major key. Was that a flash of DJ Encore? Adam Ellis’ envisioning is a driving, upper BPM truly tranced out track in a minor, edgier chord, complete with piano accompaniment, driving pads, and powerful riffs. Somna’s effort shows what trance has to offer at the lower BPM scales, which is a more chilled out and beyond haunting atmosphere populated by the crystal clear twinkling of Noire’s pipes against the warm vibrations of Somna’s chosen vox representations with a steady main room bass kick.  Jonathan Pitch pitches in a progressive house take on the track, which is extremely well done and is so smooth it’s basically slippery. Lastly, Chirs Porter kicks in another wickedly thumping trance take, one knocks the grittiness up a notch which adding some subtle breaks and some more heavy-footed bass. Which version is your favorite?

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