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Yasmine Yousaf Confirms Krewella’s Second Album in the works

This past weekend, Yasmine Yousaf of the Krewella trio decided to organize a “saturday night super fun hang out sesh”. She was “gonna respond to as many of ur questions with musical answers with my lovely piano and guitar. pls don’t hate me, I haven’t played piano in front of anyone except my dad. cheers krew”. Yasmine serenaded fans that joined in on the chat, while answering several questions and requests. When asked about whether a second album was in the works or not, Yasmine confirmed the Krew’s second album is coming along great, mostly due to the extra studio time they’ve had a chance to squeeze in between touring over the past few months. Yasmine informed fans that the second album will have more of a rock sound, which while an extremely vague statement, is an interesting one as well. We’re fairly hard pressed to pin point exactly what sort of soundscape this could mean for the trio, however, at the very least, it is refreshing to see the group hinting at new directions. Furthermore, Krewella is also only months removed from their freshmen release, Get Wet, and news of them venturing back into the studio so quickly is also a nice change of pace in a scene where studio and music time took a permanent back seat to touring and gigs in 2013.

Photo c/o Hy-Tekk

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