Avril Lavigne Jumps on EDM Bandwagon With Skrillex-esque Haircut in ‘Hello Kitty’ Music Video


The internet has collectively exploded, and this time by the hands of a very unlikely culprit. Avril Lavigne. Yeah, remember the faux punk rock girl from the early 2000’s who wore wife beaters with a tie and sang about complicated skater boys? You may be saying to yourself, “Avril Lavigne? She’s so irrelevant.” Well, not anymore. With the latest music video for her single “Hello Kitty” co-written by her husband and rock’s favorite whipping boy, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Avril is now on the internet’s front page with every blog and media publication calling the video racist (among other not so nice things), to which she poignantly responded:


Frankly, pulling out the race card because the video portrays Asian culture as “childish” or simply because it’s being used as the backdrop is a stretch. Go watch J/KPop (Japanese/Korean Pop) videos and chances are you’ll find stylistically similar music videos with eccentrically costumed girls running around in a neon technicolor explosion. Although we can see why this would cause a stir in the debate about racism and be considered offensive, another element of this whole orchestrated circus has grabbed our attention.

Yea, that’s right. Avril’s got some dubby drops and trendy build ups to go along with her Skrillex haircut. Avril’s attempt at the Gwen Stefani/Ke$ha style of white girl rapping nonsense about cupcakes and Sanrio’s most beloved character is cringe worthy enough. The addition of pitch bends, auto-tune, background synths, and a “drop” just makes this train wreck scream of desperation and continues the trend of pop stars jumping on the EDM bandwagon because, you know, all the cool kids are doing it. So, another one takes a stab and fails miserably. But, she’s trending on Twitter, and we’re just standing here wondering how much more can we take. Avril: 1 Public: 0

The video was momentarily taken down from the internet only to be viewed on Lavigne’s website and some speculated it was due to the backlash. However, according to Avril’s team, the video was taken down because it was posted a day early. Whatever the reason, luckily for planet Earth and all of its humans, the video is back online for everyone to enjoy and you should take at least one spin on this torturous merry go round because it will make you appreciate quality music that much more.