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Danish Scientists Create Fire-Responsive Visualizer (In The Key Of Dubstep)

Is this the next technological leap forward for Main Stages near you? I can see it now, massive vertical visualizer boards responding to every build and drop with a wax and wane of megalithic flickering flames. In an attempt to get kids interested in science, Danish science demonstrators Fysikshow have created The Pyro Board, which is an audio visualizer consisting of 2,500 bunsen burners. The device is an expansion of the Rubens’ Tube, which is a singular row of burners that illustrate how standing sound waves effect the height and strength of the flames. Scientist Sune Nielsen has decided to demonstrate the contraptions’ capacity with a little dubstep. More in depth info about the inner workings of the project can be seen in the video below, or via the source story from The Creator’s Project. But for now, let your imagination run wild as to what festivals in the near future are going to be like…

Matt Fritsch
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