Deadmau5 Says He Is Taking A Break From “Club-Land”


Deadmau5’s April 25th show at XS Las Vegas just got a lot more interesting after the DJ announced that he would be taking a break from touring and ‘club-land’. During his new c0ff33 run with Tycho in Toronto Deadmau5 spoke of “how refreshing it is to see an electronic act that shows up with a van-load of gear.” before going into his disdain for the club scene.

“You just see people walking away from one of those typical club gigs [and you think] why did we just spend a million dollars on two robots when you’re still getting the same, ‘Hey, great set bro’ as if you just showed up with two USB keys?”

The ‘robots’ he is referring to are the two-ton Mau5bots that made their debut at Hakkasan during his ‘Unhooked’ shows last year. But, there is a bit of good news: Joel did bring up his new live set that is set to premiere sometime next year, and he once again teased us with what he could truly tell us.

“This next [show] we’re working on is just…god, insane, 15 trucks [to transport]. I can’t get into detail about it, because it’s all been hush-hush for the last two years. We’re shooting for maybe next year.”

While the sentiment with Deadmau5 is there won’t be an abundance of shows for 2014, he is gearing up to blow everyone out of the water with his live shows in 2015.