Internet Gets Trolled Regarding Eric Prydz ‘suing 1000 EDM artists over Pryda Snare sample’


You know what they say, if it’s on the internet it must be true. As much of a joke as this is, it seems as though some people truly can not tell the difference between what is clearly satire and truth. Yesterday, an article from satire blog Bazzfeed titled “Eric Prydz sues over 1000 EDM artists in World’s Largest Ever Copyright Lawsuit over ‘Pryda Snare’ sample,” was making its way around the internet and onto the news feeds of Facebook and Twitter users everywhere. The article claimed that Pryda Recordings and Infamous PR were actually taking the case to court for $15 million and that the case would involve over 50% of EDM artists today. Responding on twitter rather quickly after the article was released, Eric Prydz himself clarified that none of the claims were actually true, sarcastically tweeting “it’s true because it said so on the internet.”

Unfortunately, satire blogs exist on the internet. Whether it be Bazzfeed or Wunderground, they will make claims that hold no truth or merit to them and they will exist simply for the sake of existing. Remember to do a little research before believing anything you see, you don’t want to be this guy: