Prince William and Kate Middleton Take a Crack at DJing


It almost seems like DJs are royalty these days, hailing over ardent crowds of thousands from their grand thrones, getting the royal treatment wherever they go, and doing the royal waving – well, fist pumping, but close enough. And much as we’d all like Jack U to reign over our land of havoc and debauchery as the royal couple, I just don’t think Skrillex could pull off the poised Kate Middleton look. Instead, Prince William and Kate take a stab at scratching records during their visit to Australia at a youth music center in Elizabeth, Adelaide, and I must say,  they seem to have done more actual DJing in the 1 minute video than most DJs do during their sets – I kid, partially.

Though they seem to be lacking in the rambunctious musical passion that we like to see in our favorite DJs, you have to give it to them for penciling in some time in between ruling a country and avoiding tabloids to try a hand at creating electronic music.