Seven Lions Sets Himself Apart With New EP “Worlds Apart”


Seven Lions Worlds Apart


Seven Lions has set himself worlds apart from the rest of the 2014 competition with his new EP ‘Worlds Apart’. The 5-track EP hosts the vocals of Ellie Goulding, Kerli and Tove Lo for this symphonic masterpiece that sees Seven Lions reach new heights of ethereal bass music. The EP is a story from start to finish and includes last years summer smash hit ‘Strangers’ in collaboration with Myon Shane 54 and Tove Lo. There is no better tune to start the story off with than ‘Don’t Leave’. The tune opens up with an upbeat synth before Ellie Goulding takes command, her voice driving the melody into an atmospheric bass drop that has become a staple in Seven Lions tunes. The high powered synth sound will have listeners reaching out to the stars trying to hold on from floating away into the bass night sky.

Not to be outdone, Kerli takes over the title track ‘Worlds Apart’ and does so with a powerful presence. The mood of ‘Don’t Leave’ was a love ballad meant to be played in the pouring rain while you beg your loved one to stay, and this song continues the story. After you’ve exhausted yourself to make them stay, and reality has set in a bit, you realize you are worlds apart, and you come to terms with it. This song follows the same formula as ‘Don’t Leave’, in the essence that it is driven by powerful female vocals, has an empowering trance melody, and is brought together by jaw-dropping bass. The next piece in this love story is ‘Nepenthe’, an instrumental piece meant to be a time of reflection. This is the true ethereal song on the album, starting with an omniscient melody and building it into the most intense bass drop of the EP. Reigning in that Bassnectar sound, Seven Lions elevates listeners to a new level with bass powered synths that will leave your mind melted. So you’ve had your intense break-up, and a period of reflection; now what? You’re in that raw, in-between time where you could fall in love with basically anyone you see, even a stranger on the side of the street. ‘Strangers’ makes its appearance in the story, and it is perfectly positioned with the other tunes. While we all went ga-ga over it last year, hearing it in the context of the full sound that Seven Lions had in mind makes it that much more powerful and chilling. The fifth and chapter of this story brings back Kerli for an intense tune entitled ‘Keep It Close’. The tune comes out of the gates fast and breaks the mold of the other chapters by keeping the heavy bassline throughout the tune, adding hard-hitting synths when necessary. From start to finish Seven Lions has left us with a masterpiece that will most certainly be on soundtracks across the summer. From start to finish he tells a story that is all too real for most of us, and helps to ease the pain of those going through it now. Lose yourself in the music and distance yourself from the troubles of today with ‘Worlds Apart’, available on iTunes now.