Friday, May 7, 2021
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Shaygray & Borgore – Illuminati [Free Download]

If you follow Borgore on social media, then ‘Illuminati’ and the accompanying music video should come as no surprise. The outspoken DJ has teamed up with his “little bro” Shaygray to take shots at our popular culture and its obsession with the controlling elite, otherwise known as the Illuminati. Shaygray provides an intro to the track with rap verses regarding life as an upcoming artist in the ‘illuminati’ music scene and getting money, while Borgore calls out the current culture saying, “the only one to spit the truth would rather stay Anonymous.” While the two may be no Immortal Technique, this song tastefully mocks the entire Illuminati culture and everyone who follows it. The music video on the other hand, is not so tasteful. It is exactly what you would expect from Borgore and a song of this nature: cash flying everywhere, half naked girls dancing left and right, smurfs having intercourse, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and giant eyeball models. Throw in Baeman and you have the perfect Borgore music video. Oh and by the way, the track is a free download.

James Brannigan
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