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Skrillex Unveils Video of Final Takeover From Barcelona

Out now is the fourth and final recap video from Skrillex’s spring Takeover tour. The Takeovers went down from February to March, setting a new and more avant-garde model for an artist tour. Four lucky locations were chosen for Skrillex to bestow his beats upon, including SF, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Of these cities, anywhere from four to seven shows were executed at some of the best and most bizarre venues that each had to offer. The tour was documented, with all roads leading to Barcelona – the final Takeover for Skrill. Check out the Barcelona Takeover video for good laughs, some moonwalking, and very awesome footage.

You can watch the rest of the recap videos from Amsterdam, Brooklyn, and San Francisco, also out now.

Takeovers 2014 … Mission accomplished!

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