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Throwback Thursday: ATC – All Around the World (La La La x100)

Let’s start this week’s TBT as we all think back to a time when the dance community genres were much simpler. Throw down a catchy electro pop beat with a steady kick, add in some vocals which don’t necessarily progress the track, or tell any major story, but are instantly memorable, and easy to recall at will.  Vary the octaves veryse to verse, and voila!  This tune by the popular dance group, ATC, reached the #1 Top 40 hit in 2000, which was adapted from a song called “Pesenka” by “Ruki Vverkh”, a 90’s Russian pop band.

Definitely keep an eye on the music video. Pure 90s glory.

Gideon Miller
I spend my weeks hard at work, "one deeper" inside corporate America, headphones in, getting my fix as a progressive house and trance 2.0 junkie. On the weekends though...I am on a quest to experience the best electronica our world has to offer.
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