Toronto Bans EDM Events At Public Facilities, Forcing Dada Life To Change Venue


In an underhanded political play by Muzik Nightclub owner, Zlatko Starkovski, the city council of Toronto banned EDM related events from the publicly owned Direct Energy and Better Living buildings at Exhibition Place. Through political contributions and help from a lobbying firm, Starkovski managed to swing the vote to his advantage so that the competition (INK and Live Nation) could no longer book EDM artists at the neighboring facilities to Muzik and relieve Muzik of its “booking troubles”. According to Starkovski, the underage drinking and drug use related to EDM events could damage the reputation of Exhibition Place and businesses held within. So, it would only make sense to move such morally dejected events away from public grounds and into the private sphere. The ban will certainly mean large losses of revenue for the public sector, and Muzik will be cashing that check. If you’d like to see the ban lifted, sign the petition here.

Because of this ruling, Dada Life has been forced to downsize their original “Dada Life Compound” event and will be playing at the Sound Academy instead of the Direct Energy building as originally planned. Instead of cancelling the show or bringing a watered down version of the “Dada Life Compound” due to space restrictions, the duo will be back at the later date and at a different venue with the original show. As for now, fans will still get to go bananas with Dada and company at the Sound Academy. Ticket holders will be refunded 15% and anyone who had purchased a ticket over $99.50 will be refunded the difference as all tickets will have the face value of $99.50. Anyone no longer wanting to attend will have the opportunity to receive a full refund. For more detailed information, check out Dada Life’s blog post.

Via: Thump