Above & Beyond – Sticky Fingers feat. Alex Vargas (Official Music Video)

Photo Credit: Callum McInerney

It’s been nearly 3 years since Above & Beyond’s “Group Therapy” album dropped, and the trio is finally slowly ushering out singles as their new album takes form. Their latest single, Sticky Fingers, premiered at ABGT 050 in London last October and has been stuck in our heads ever since (no complaints though). In lieu of their ABGT 100 show selling out at Madison Square Garden, they’ve released the official music video and announced a May 19th release date under Anjunabeats and Ultra Records. This stylized noir film takes inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”, presenting a man tormented by a lost love with a vice-like-grip on his mind as he fails to separate reality from illusion. The black & white film combined with Alex Vargas’ dramatic voice really bring this grief to life  so the message hits closer to home. Above & Beyond once again tick both the style and substance boxes, creating another chilling masterpiece for your audible and visual pleasure. The full release will drop with a smooth house remix from Lane 8 and a D&B remix from  Om Unit.