Deadmau5 Announces Release Date for Forthcoming Album ‘while (1<2)'


Deadmau5 new album While (1<2)

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Deadmau5 took to last night to deliver some amazing news: ‘While (1<2)’, the name of his 7th studio album, will be dropping on June 17th and is available for pre-order on May 20th via iTunes. The title is a programming joke which means ‘to loop indefinitely’, or in this case listen to indefinitely. Deadmau5 has said that ‘While (1<2)’ will be a 2-disc, 25 track album that will feature “fresh stuff that’s going to attract new fans”, as well as “a couple of tracks that are quite radio-friendly, not even dance music, that [I’m] going to put out as singles.”

During his announcement, the mau5 revealed the album artwork (above), as well as the first track, ‘Avaritia‘. Joel has built quite the hype around the album, saying:

We could not be more excited for this new album and to see which of the tracks from his flurry of uploads last year made the final cut. Here’s to hoping ‘Drop the Poptart‘ and ‘Suckfest 9001′ make it.