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Deorro Quits DJing to Focus More on Production

As dance music has become increasingly more popular over the past few years, DJs have been heightened to to the level of rockstar gods. With the high demand comes glam, fame and the luxury of traveling everywhere and seeing just about everything. The sad reality behind this is, for a large portion of the talent in the scene, that the disciple of music production is what got these artists into the game to begin with. Now they are forced to put their true passion of production on the back burner in place of all the glitz and glam.

Now, following in the footsteps of the likes of Feed Me and others, Deorro recently announced that he will also be putting the hectic touring life of an international DJ to rest. Deorro took to Twitter, which seems to be the best place for these types of rants and announcements, to proclaim his retirement. Seeking to be a musician first, he opts for the studio life over the tour life.

What do you think? You think Deorro will follow through on his claims of ceasing touring? Do you think these kinds of big moves for such acclaimed DJs gives them more credit as artists? Do you think his label, PandaFunk, will be comparable to the other heavy-hitters in industry such as Wall, Protocol, Revealed, Spinnin, etc because of this move? But even if Deorro does quit touring, he’s let his fans know that the music won’t stop: 

William Vance
Currently Residing in Portland, Oregon. @EDMTunesWill
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