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Best of Bingo Players Reddit AMA

With the passing of his better half; Maarten Hoogstraten, of the forever-plural Bingo Players, was taken for a loop. But things are looking up with the latest release of the stadium rocking single titled ‘Knock You Out.’ Now that the dust has settled from its initial release, Maarten has graciously took time out of his day to host an AMA session on reddit, which allowed his fans to post any types of questions they may have. While these questions ranged across the spectrum, from desired collabs to early Bingo Players sound all the way down to popular TV shows, it also means you may or may not have to do some digging to find them gems buried within the AMA. That’s why we have saved you the trouble. Check it:

Here’s What You Almost Missed From the Bingo Players AMA On Returning to the Classic Bingo Players Sound:
On Who He’d Want to Co-Produce a Track With:

On the One Track He Wished He Produced:

On Kandi Culture:

On the Craziest Story About a Fan:

On Producing Tracks Without Paul:

On Early Influences of Depeche Mode:

On Ghost Producing:

And Who Can Forget Breaking Bad:

There was a good many other gems in here that we did not include, so if you would like to check out the AMA in full click here.

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