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[Premiere] Joachim Garraud – Theory Of Everything

Joachim Garraud – Theory of Everything
Label: Ultra Records | Release Date: June 30, 2014

French dance music legend Joachim Garraud proves his veteran status by showcasing the often overlooked practice of ‘less being more’ in his third Ultra release “Theory of Everything.” Connoting an almost primitive nature with the use of basic and minimal synth sounds, Garraud relies more on his producing hand than equipment to fidget with warped textures, assertive pauses, and elastic tempos to weave the listener through an intriguing compositional journey between electro and trap. Lacking a clear melodic line, “Theory of Everything” is not your go-to song for those ‘close your eyes and sing a long’ moments, but rather a siren solo to emote a sense of dance frenzy and pulsating energy.

With a tight-knit fan base rallying around the iconic space invader mascot, Garraud continues with “Theory of Everything” as just another extraterrestrial extension of his latest hits “Everybody” and “MotherSpaceShip Alarm.” Prepare for that unique Garraud musical ride as you listen to the new release below!

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