Kalm Kaoz ft. Trinity Remix – White Rabbit (M4SONIC Remix) [Mysteryland Anthem]


When the official theme song for a festival starts out with “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small…” and talks about smoking caterpillars, you know you’re in for one warped and kooky weekend. To commemorate Mysteryland USA, Let’s Be Friends and M4SONIC – both on the lineup – have remixed 1960’s psychedelic-rock band Jefferson Airplane’s classic “White Rabbit.” No other song could better capture the surreal, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque aura that exudes from Mysteryland – or so we assume from the peeks of enigmatic wonder we’ve snagged from previous festivals in the Netherlands and Chile.

With the help of LA based duo Kalm Kaoz featuring Trinity, M4SONIC enriches the reimagined original with his incredibly lush, symphonic touch that captivates listeners into a menacing, quizzical fantasy of talking rabbits and magical mushrooms. Surely a fitting anthem for the unfathomable idiosyncrasies to come at Mysteryland USA; I have doubt this one’s going to send the crowd off into an obscene state of mental enchantment. You can grab the remix on Beatport now.