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Lets Be Friends Takes Over Mysteryland Twitter for Q&A

What better way to engage a fan base than an inviting Q&A with a group based around friendship? Mysteryland teamed up with Lets Be Friends for an exclusive Q&A on Twitter to generate hype for Mysteryland. Fans who tweeted #AskLBF or #MLUSA had the chance to have their questions answered by the dynamic UK duo. While most questions surrounded tour dates and general proclamations of awesomeness, we were able to identify some of the gems that stood out. Check out the tweets below to get the latest scoop on your favorite UK friends and be sure to catch them Saturday at 3:30 on the Boat Stage if you’re in Bethel Woods Memorial Day Weekend, or at a show near you


James Brannigan
James Brannigan
Follow the twitter https://twitter.com/JamesEDMT
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