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Saturday Night Live Features Hilarious Imitation of Skrillex

Saturday Night Live has been a cornerstone of American pop culture for almost 40 years now. A spot hosting or performing on SNL can be career defining (or ruining, see: Ashlee Simpson) for just about anybody who graces the stage. Even just a casual shoutout on the show can be a boon for an artist’s career. This week’s episode, featuring Andrew Garfield as host and Coldplay as the musical guest, briefly poked fun at Skrillex during the “Celebrity Family Feud” sketch. During the sketch, the host refers to the DJ as “Skrikkets,” prompting the Skrillex character to have to explain who he is. While the reference is brief, this is exciting news for dance culture in general. The timing of this inclusion can’t be coincidence, as Skrillex’s much lauded “comeback” is in full force, and theres been major discussion regarding EDM interjecting itself into popular culture and music. Other “celebrities” included in the skit include Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Shakira. The fact that Skrillex is being included alongside personas such as those, even though SNL joked about not knowing who he was, is a positive step for EDM in general. Be sure to check out the hilarious skit for yourself.

Austin Goldman
Miami/LA @agoldman57
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