Steve Aoki Stars In Cringeworthy Infomercial For Liquipel Phone Skins


Even after sitting through the entire two-and-a-half minutes of this in-depth informercial, we still couldn’t decide if this was a legitimate commercial or just an elaborate troll post by none other than Steve Aoki. Only when we went to the company’s website did we unearth that this product is 100% legitimate (and actually sort of neat).

While the commercial itself is deeply rooted in satire, the product appears to be quite useful. You basically get all the perks of those life-proof cases you see people dragging around, but without the bulky and unfashionable box-of-a-case. This near-indestructable and waterproof case will keep your phone free from a variety of damages. This means your phone is safe to have out at shows, taking countless pictures and videos despite the guy next to you splashing water over everyone.

If Aoki supports it, does that mean you will too?