Numbers Don’t Lie: EDM Is Still Male Dominated


The world of electronic dance music since its inception has been a male dominated culture. Whether it be through the festivals that routinely happen every summer and or the countless tours we see year in and year out, the gender disparity exists in the world that we know and love. Even thinking about the idea of women not being at raves is a scary thought, but regardless it’s who is behind the decks that matter the most.

This past week, Thump released a interesting article pertaining to the gender disparity within electronic dance music and by the looks of the chart, the numbers don’t lie. With main stage acts like Krewella and Nervo always playing the festivals mentioned on the list below, there doesn’t seem to be any new female talent breaking into the EDM scene. With Ultra having the most female talent, but also having the most acts, it’s time for a change within the worldwide EDM scene. New female talent would bring a new dimension to the world of EDM and open up new opportunities for females it what is currently a male dominated scene.

At the end of last year, HARD Festival founder, Gary Richards, announced plans for a all female EDM festival. Since that announcement this past November, no word has come out on a potential date or location for such an event, but this idea would definitely help breath new life into the world of Electronic Dance Music.

Check out the chart below and let us know what you think! Are you surprised by these numbers?

Via Thump