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Vicetone – Ensemble

Vicetone – Ensemble
Label: Doorn Records | Release Date: May 28, 2014

Delving into the symphonic realm for their newest release “Ensemble,” Ruben and Victor of Vicetone strike a dramatic chord with the rich, stringent sound of a string ensemble. Starting out with a steadily foreboding beat, the melody contorts into dissonant havoc and drops into a powerful orchestral break that’ll debunk any stereotype that strings are delicate or boring. Carrying a similar vibe to the classic intro of Eurythmic’s “Sweet Dreams” – though with a juiced up, electronic facelift, Vicetone showcases the wide versatility of string sounds including an elegant melodic interlude, aggressive, stampede-like bowing, and even a dexterous electric guitar solo. The use of classical sounds in an EDM setting like “Ensemble” is a nice refresher from the typical womps and whizzes of synth noises.

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