White Lies – Big TV (Tube & Berger Remix)


Tube & Berger are no doubt one of the frontrunners in tasteful, musically orientated deep house production. Their sound is particularly unique, catching the attention of electronic music fans of all walks of life.Their début album, Introlution, was as eclectic as it was impressive, featuring stand-out tracks such as the instrumental based “Surfin” and “La Fogata” alongside peak time vocal stand-outs like “Long Roads” and “Jam Word up”.  And that’s all before mentioning their absolute monster hits, “Imprint of Pleasure” and “Set It Off.” The duo also hold an impressive set of remixes to their name and a solid mix tape in “Deeper Sessions”, the show that this remix of Indie three piece White Lies’ single “Big TV” was featured.

As expected, the two Germans give the indie rock original their textbook dance-floor revamp, building intensely to a stripped down Tube and Burger style drop at the 3.50 mark, portraying their slightly dark yet incredibly funky sound perfectly.