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Hardwell, Dyro and Dannic Release Revealed North American Bus Tour Aftermovie

The venues were bigger, the cities were different, but the aftermovie is just as wild. Although the 2014 edition of the Revealed North American Bus Tour was a little more haunted than 2013’s, that doesn’t mean Dannic, Dyro and Hardwell let the ghosts ruin their fun. We were lucky enough to be in attendance when some paranormal events interrupted the Niagara Falls, New York stop, but as documented in the video, that wasn’t the first time the boys encountered some freaky stuff during the tour. Before one of the first shows, the artists and crew stumbled upon an abandoned swimming pool, which just so happened to be one of the most haunted locations on earth. After that discovery, the rest of the tour seemed to be filled with strange occurrences. Whether or not these spooky incidents actually took place, one thing is for sure: Dannic, Dyro and Hardwell put on a massive show for whoever and whatever was in attendance.

The 2014 Revealed North American Bus Tour was a special 10 days for the guys, as their busy schedules usually prevent them from spending this much time together. When meeting up with Dannic, Dyro, and Hardwell in the middle of the tour, we were able to see a different side of the superstars and find out how much they truly enjoy the simple things that the bus tour has to offer. Whether they are playing some video games on the bus, exploring the city they’re in or just catching up over some beers, the boys have learned to appreciate these special moments throughout the tour. Even though there was plenty of relaxing, Dyro and Dannic still found time to work on new music, as their upcoming track, “Radical” (out June 16th on Revealed), is used in the aftermovie. Check out the video below and be sure to keep your fingers crossed that the tour makes a stop near your city in 2015!

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