InDeep Sessions 25


Welcome, welcome. A bit of a landmark episode this week: it’s our 25th episode. Twenty five weeks of trying to bring the best in house music to the masses. Putting these together is a challenge week in, week out, simply because being on an EDM website, we really have to put an effort into trying to catch fans that normally wouldn’t be exposed, or be listening to, underground house. I sincerely hope, however, that at least one person finds a song they love on here every week. That’s all we can ask for at the end of the day, and we’re more than happy with that result. That’s what house is all about. Just dancing. Just vibing. Just jamming, one song, and one person, at a time.

So here we go. Episode 25. Since we’ve been doing a lot of “special” episodes lately, we’re keeping it simple for the 25th: no “favorites” list, no “Best of 2014” list, just some of the finest house music out there from the past few weeks, and a few older gems sprinkled throughout. No shit. Beckwith, Hollen, Andhim, Andre Crom, Moonboots, Juliet Sikora, all feature this week. David Keno gets the opening track with his jaw dropping work alongside Jaxson, entitled “Say No More.” Let’s go InDeep:

In house we trust.