Noisia Uploads Pictures on How to Build the Perfect Studio


A lot goes into designing a studio. Between the placement of all the gear, acoustic treatment, and personal aesthetics it can quickly add up to become an exact science. And if you’re at the level that Noisia is, the science going into your studio has to be beyond perfect to achieve a mix that is as powerful as they can produce.

Now, as Noisia wraps up the final touches on their professional tuned and treated studio, they released a series of pictures to document all the work that went into it. With its spring-raised concrete floors, acoustically treated rooms, and knocking ATC 110 monitors, this studio goes beyond just a studio; it’s a work of art in and of itself.

If you would like to see Noisia’s complete album of pictures that document the whole process, head over to their FaceBook album here to check it out.

Via illMethodology