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Plugging In: Doing Your Part To Help Shape Electric Forest

Electric Forest
This year’s Electric Forest is right around the corner and we here at EDMTunes couldn’t be any more excited for the festivities to come. While the biggest draw of the festival is no doubt the diverse line-up of both jam-bands and electronic music acts, Electric Forest offers a unique program to add to the attendees’ experience past the music: its interactive plug-ins. While for many other festivals the experience comes with just going to the event, Electric Forest separates itself from the pack by giving attendees the opportunity to interact and help shape the forest themselves. These plug-in programs come in various different forms ranging from contests to the simple sharing of a story. Whatever the form it’s in, interacting with a plug in is sure to help add to the whole festival experience. While a few plug-in contests are already over, many other plug-ins remain that will take place throughout the duration of the festival. We at EDMTunes have listed a few of those key plug-ins to interact with in order to ensure the most complete Electric Forest experience possible.

1. The Great American Talent Show

Electric Forest Talent Show

The first plug in on this list is also the most straightforward and easiest to participate in. W.C Thornbush, the Forest Mayoral candidate has set up a show for all attendees to demonstrate their unique skills and talents. To sign up, all you will have to do is stop by the Grand Artique Trade Post with tryouts taking place on Friday and Saturday from 3 to 6pm. Check out the details in the poster above!

2. Ultimate Camp 2014

Electric Forest Camp

The second plug-in is a neat contest that you and your crew can participate in together; the Ultimate Camp 2014! Everyone in the GA camping will be eligible to win and the rules are simple: have the greenest and most decorated campsite to win! Camps will be judged on how much they offer to the community, the costume, the décor, and level of sustainability and greening. To enter all you need to do is set up a creative and awesome camp, then tell the people at your neighborhood Ecozone to invite Electricology to see your camp on Friday. Winners will receive 10 tickets to next year’s Electric Forest along with a whole lot of other goodies, so start brainstorming if you haven’t done so already! Check out the official rules and guidelines here.

3. Dome of Dance 2014

Electric Forest Dance

The next plug-in on this list is calling for all of you dancers going to Electric Forest this year. The Dome of Dance is a tournament that pits two individuals together in a geodesic dome to battle it out, dance-style though of course. 64 individuals will be competing in this tournament that consists of 90-second head-to-head bouts. Judges will be basing their winner on the 1) overall groove 2) degree of difficulty of specialty moves and 3) charisma. Winners will receive an EF poster print as well as other Forest goodies. In order to enter, you must fill out and send a short submission about yourself found on the guidelines page here to The first round will take place on Thursday and Friday with the Championships being held on Saturday. Dancers will be notified of their first battle via email. If you got a fire burning in your soul to dance, then this is your time to shine so make sure to sign up! See you at the Dome!

4. The Electric Glen

Electric Glen

Although many of the plug-ins seems to be a contest of some sort, not all of them are. A new edition to this year’s forest is The Electric Glen. The Electric Glen is a conglomerate of all sorts of things including interviews with the artists as well as new gear from Reloop, Xone, Nord, and Studio Logic. This new feature will give festival attendees the opportunity to try out new music technology and tools. The Electric Glen will give goers the opportunity to watch, listen, learn, and interact with some of the industry’s brightest names so make sure to check out the official schedule here.

5. Electric Forces

Electric Forces

Sometimes people will attend a music festival not knowing what to expect. And sometimes that festival will change the lives of a few of those people. This is what Electric Forces is about. Electric Forces’ mission is to develop a community by having different festival goers share their own life changing stories that they have from their past festival adventures. As simple as the mission is, the statement being made couldn’t be more powerful. If you have your own life-changing story from a festival to tell, make sure to stop by the Human Avatar Booth to share it with everyone. Read the more detailed mission statement here.

6. The Queens Hunt

Queens Hunt

The last plug-in on this list is the interactive Queens Hunt. Anyone and everyone can participate in this simple Forest challenge. The rules are very simple. First, what you need to do is follow Queen Karlene on Instagram and Twitter (@royalragers). From there it’s easy, just take any and all types of pictures that the queen requests and post it on your own Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #EFQueensHunt. Don’t want to be using your phone during the festival? That’s totally fine, just take your pictures and send them later on when you’re home. The one with the most hashtags will be crowned the winner and will win a pair of GA tickets for next year’s forest. The prize is big, so get snapping everyone, the contest has already begun! Check out the official rules here.

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