Skrillex Makes Surprise Appearance With Unexpected Tech-House Set


Even though Skrillex is shoulder deep into his Mothership tour as of last weekend, he still had the stamina to make a surprise appearance at Cherry Beach during his stop in Toronto (where he also went on an awesome coffee run with deadmau5 & d. fran). When he hit the decks, surprised fans were ecstatic as they were expecting him to throw down some ground-shaking subs and uptempo breaks in the typical Skrillex fashion.

Yet the crowd was more surprised when the floor lit up to repetitious drums and cyclical loops of a classic tech-house set. As expected, onlookers took to social media to express their feelings towards the unexpected mix of music. Anything from “And another local party ruined,” to “That moment Skrillex casually shows up to Cherry Beach and spins for everyone there,” were floating around the internet that night, but regardless of how it was received, it stands to note that you can always expected the unexpected from the likes of Skill. And even if you’re not expecting him, he easily could make a surprise appearance.


Via DJmag