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The Tragedy at Glastonbury 2014: 26-year Old Man Pronounced Dead From Ketamine Consumption

The world renowned Glastonbury festival found itself tremendous success this year and was unscathed until a 26-year-old man lost his life at Bristol Royal Infirmary after attending.

In addition to the dance, comedy, theatre, circus and other musical genres that the festival hosts, EDM made a prominent appearance with top DJs such as Skrillex, Above & Beyond, Disclosure, Fatboy Slim and more. For a festival that has been held annually since 1970 (the first official festival held on the day after rock legend Jimi Hendrix’s death) and is made to represent good vibes, good people coming together and a way of combining all forms of musical arts in 5 days, this was a tragic moment in it’s history.

The London native was reportedly left in life threatening condition after consuming Ketamine and was brought to the infirmary yesterday, where he was in critical condition until pronounced dead. According to local police in the Avon and Somerset area, the family has been informed and is receiving support. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the festival’s only loss, as a 67-year-old woman reportedly died of natural causes.

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