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Guy Gerber and P. Diddy Reveal ‘My Heart’ From 11:11 Album Collaboration

11:11 has taken on many different interpretations as a significant time where wishes come true, spirits are present, or inexplicable events occur by chance or coincidence. For those in the music world though, 11:11 signifies an unlikely pairing and high profile collaboration of Israeli DJ and producer, Guy Gerber, and hip hop mogul, Sean Combs a.k.a. P. Diddy. Talks of an album had been circulating the rumor mill for quite some time until this past Winter Music Conference in Miami. Diddy and Gerber took over the Red Bull Guest House and held a small listening party to debut what Diddy deemed “demented, after hours” music and not your typical EDM.

Now, the public is getting its second listen of Gerber and Diddy’s fruitful labor since ‘Tourist Trap’. Entitled ‘My Heart’, the music is a stark departure from the generic cookie-cutter results of a mainstream hip hop artist clashing with a dance music producer. Instead of the music simply playing in the background to pop vocals, ‘My Heart’ shows a sophistication in restraint where one element does not overpower the other but complement each other. Eerie whines, Diddy’s distorted lyrical throw down, distant guitar riffs, whirling chimes, and a myriad of other sounds come together harmoniously; Diddy and Gerber have captured our attention with this track and we’re looking forward to what else is in store. 11:11 is supposed to be released for free later this summer so check back for updated news and listen to ‘My Heart’ below.

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