Ibiza Club Goers Fall Victim to the Dangerous Designer Drug ‘Bath Salts’


Last year, rumors flew around about an impending ‘zombie apocalypse’ brought on by the consumption of a new drug know commonly as ‘bath salts’. Now this drug, which textbooks will call Methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV, is being consumed by ravers and club goers alike across the White Isle of Ibiza.

Over-consumption of MDPV can cause violent outbursts brought on by extreme levels of anxiety and paranoia, along with panic attacks that are all induced by the drug. A nurse told Diorio De Ibiza that patients who checked into the hospital after taking said drug had to be restrained to their beds. One patient was so violent that is took eight police officers to detain a man who went on to bite the hand of one of the officers during the struggle. Local police believe that dealers are selling small batches of MDPV to partiers as a way to test the drugs popularity before smuggling in batches on a larger scale. But at the same time, other reports confirm that vacations as far away as Mallorca have been hospitalized due to consumption of MDPV which could be evident that the drug’s distribution may not be isolated to Ibiza alone.

Long story short, if you’re heading out to the White Isle for vacation over the summer season… please be careful about what you choose to partake in and party responsibly.

Via TheLocal