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Madeon Calls Out ‘Vengeance Sound’ For Allegedly Stealing his Sample

The combination of the accessibility of the internet and the elements that form the genre of electronic music create a musical atmosphere that leads to an endless amount of possibilities, but also increases the chances of dishonest work and copyright infringement…where it’s purposeful or accidental. The prodigious Madeon took to twitter yesterday to address an issue he had with the Germany based sample company, Vengeance Sound, about some stealing taking without permission of Madeon’s own songs for sampling. Being a generally chill person, Madeon tweeted to Vengance Sound reminding them that the their act isn’t quite legal. Vengeance Sound’s owner, Manuel Schiels, was quick to defend his most recent installment stating that what Madeon was hearing are 100% original rebuilds using Synths and Nexus Chords. Madeon, not buying Scheils’s claim, looked to peacefully resolve the issue asking for the entirety of Vengeance Sounds plugins in which the two took their conversation to private messaging. Luckily the situation peacefully concluded with a replacement of the samples. Surely we can all think of a few producers who can take a page out of Madeon’s Twitter conflict resolution manual!

Twitter: @TreeVanBeard
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