MiMOSA Douses Downlink in Vodka and Engages Security at Mystic Music Festival


MiMOSA Douses Downlink in Vodka and Engages Security at Mystic Music Festival
This weekend at Houston’s Mystic Music Festival, fracas ensued when Downlink took the stage to prepare for his set, and MiMOSA refused to give up his spot, even though his time slot had expired. According to Oscillator Z, who also performed at the festival, MiMOSA was aggravated when he was asked to step away from the decks, so fellow headliner Downlink could prepare for his set. In a fit of rage, MiMOSA slammed his microphone on the CDJs, screamed profanities into the microphone, including ‘F**k Downlink’, and subsequently poured a bottle of Grey Goose vodka on Downlink’s head. Below is the personal account written by Oscillator Z on his Facebook page:

MiMOSA further added fuel to the fire when he took to Twitter, dishing out more hate towards Downlink and his fan base. Below is one of his inflammatory Tweets, that was later taken down.

Downlink was quick to shoot back at MiMOSA, and he eventually took to Facebook to clear things up for fans and followers.



Further adding fuel to the fire was Dieselboy, who was present at the event, and had this to say on his Facebook page:

heads up
last night the douche canoe known as MIMOSA decided to over his set time and into my boy Downlink’s. then he had the bright idea to throw a 3 year old shit fit and pour grey goose on downlink before security tackled him and removed him. I’ve bee doing this job for years. what happened last night is absolutely fucking ridiculous.
fuck mimosa and fuck ego. hope this dude drowns in an ocean of dicks. whether you like his music or not, downlink is one of the the nicest people in the scene. this was uncalled for on every level. please share this post. and boycott this dickhead MIMOSA with his “intense set” of ableton and stage dancing.

MiMOSA has long been a respected name in the dubstep, trap, and future trill, a genre he pioneered, however, his reputation has been seemingly marred by his actions late last night. We can only hope that MiMOSA can come to his senses quickly, and put this whole incident behind him, preventing further irreparable damage to his image and disrespect to the bass music community.