Disclosure – Latch (J-Kraken Remix) [Free Download]


Disclosure - Latch (J-Kraken Remix)

For a track as popular as Disclosure’s Latch, the remixes typically come fast and furious, so by now you probably feel like you’ve heard every different version you could expect. We certainly thought so, until listening to this latest rework by 22-year-old electro house producer James Cortez from Sacramento. Better known as J-Kraken, he transforms the garage anthem into a stunningly euphoric progressive rework that brings an entirely new feel to the song. One of our biggest complaints with progressive remixes is that they try to do too much and lose sight of the original. But J-Kraken has found the perfect balance of his own upbeat, energizing progressive melodies, as well as some added guitar & piano chords, while still letting the iconic vocals of “Latch” stand strong. It works so well that it almost feels as if this could in fact be the original, and we wouldn’t be complaining. Take a listen to this fresh new “Latch” remix below and grab a free download.

Disclosure – Latch (J-Kraken Remix) | Download