Flume Releases 10-Minute Remix of Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife”


Flume Releases Remix of Arcade Fire's
Flume is no stranger to remixing songs by some of the music world’s biggest heavyweights, the most notable being his explosive remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court”. Now the Aussie dance music prodigy is at it again, delivering a unique remix of Arcade Fire’s track, Afterlife, which debuted on KCRW last week. This downtempo remix of the indie rock track showcases a bit of a different side to Flume while still containing remnants his signature sound, namely his pristine use of vocal modulations. With this remix, Flume was able to create an expert blend of Arcade Fire’s powerfully emotional lyrics, while still delivering an extremely danceable track. His down-tempo drum work and uplifting electronic sounds mixed with Arcade Fire’s heartfelt vocals culminates in a mellow, yet striking anthem. This “Afterlife” remix showcases the breadth of Flume’s musical style with great results.