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Pioneer Introduces A Newer & More Advanced DJ Controller, DDJ-SX2

Pioneer Unleashes New DJ Controller, DDJ-SX2
Pioneer headquarters have just unleashed their latest installment of DJ equipment, the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Performance DJ controller. The DDJ-SX2 features multi-colored performance pads and a brand new function entitled “Serato Flip” that can recall up to six recorded hot cue combinations and replay them on a loop, which can be used for playback at any later time. Whether you want to record, start or store, the user-friendly flip function is ideal for several operations.

The DDJ-SX2’s smart layout is purposely designed to match Serato’s software functions in order to create the optimal and intuitive DJing experience. Functions such as hoe cue, roll, slicer and sampler can be easily identified on the performance pads given their distinctive bright colors. Moreover, the pads contain incredibly intricate touch sensors that vary the volume of each sound depending on the strength of the tap. DJs who are sticklers when it comes to jog wheels should be quite pleased with the DDJ-SX2’s wheels as they are promised to have zero lag time and demonstrate very accurate scratching. The controller showcases an independent 4-channel mixer that can actually perform as a standalone mixer that is compatible with external turntables.

You can purchase the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Performance DJ Controller in October later this year and the price is estimated to be around $1,000. To see the new Pioneer product come to life, check out the official introduction video below.

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