Watch Skrillex Tear Chicago Down in his Full-Throttle Lollapalooza Set


Watch Skrillex's Full-Throttle Lollapalooza Set

Despite receiving constant backlash from members of the EDM community over the years regarding his sound and style, Skrillex has without a doubt come into his own for quite awhile now, establishing himself as one of the most important and critical individuals in the American dance music movement.  Fans of any genre of dance can go to a Skrillex show and at least admire the man’s stage presence, his command of the crowd, and his ever-felt presence on the genre he rules over. Skrillex sets are pure enjoyment, and that is very evident in his 2014 Lollapalooza set.

His set shows how far he’s come in not only mastering the decks, but also honing in on a sound that is uniquely his own, despite all those in the EDM world who beg to differ. Skrillex kept his Lolla set fresh by dropping countless songs from his latest album, Recess, sprinkled with some Jack U tracks, but still making sure to include numerous classics that made the dance music community turn their heads towards the pint sized dubstep hero in the first place. Skrillex was able to create a seamless balance between dropping the more crowd-pleasing tracks (that were still infused with his own flavor and style), and his own releases, both old and new. This lethal mix of  high-octane tracks resulted in one incredibly dynamic, energetic and cohesive set that was skillfully DJed. If one thing’s for certain after watching Skrillex’s set, it’s that he is an expert in crowd pleasing and is able to do so in a way that allows him to still stay true to his unique perspective as a producer and DJ. Not to mention, Skrillex commanded the crowd while comfortably nestled in his custom stage installation, known as the “Spaceship”. Catch his roaring set that closed out Lollapalooza here!