Soundcloud’s Berlin Office Exhibits Brilliant Modern Design


Soundcloud has opened its offices in Berlin, and they are stunningly beautiful. Soundcloud, a Berlin-based music company that provides a platform for users to upload and stream audio files, has recently rooted its headquarters in Berlin, with a view overlooking the Berlin Wall Memorial. Their new spacious office space is tastefully modern, decked out with concrete floors, giving it an urban and industrial feel, while featuring many of the interior elements of the former brewery. The gargantuan 4,00 square meter workspace currently houses 180 employees, but has a capacity of over 350. Just like any typical start-up office, there are plenty of perks involved including: a library, yoga room, garden, and even a wood-burning fireplace.

The Soundcloud offices has its quirks as well. The abundance of wood paneling and concrete gives the interior an incredibly modern feel, while maintaing the homey ambiance. The conference rooms vary in size and feature brick facades and neon fixtures that create a sociable ambiance, acting as a perfect conduit for ideas to flow. The inclusion of lounge like areas, designated as ‘tech-free zones’, are welcomed as they provide an uncluttered spaceĀ for employees to unwind and relax. Much of the office aesthetic is incredibly pleasing to the eye, and is much different from the cubicle-ridden space that we are used to in corporate America. Like other start-up environments, Soundcloud has constructed a space where employees can think freely, without the clutter of a typical workspace, and also have ample space to relax and unwind.

The offices were designed by German architecture firm Kinzo, and internally managed by Kelly Robinson, who has done similar projects with Airbnb and Couchsurfing. Be sure to peruse the photos below of the charming Soundcloud offices, it surely looks good enough to live in!