Street Performer Bedazzles With Incredible Live House/Techno/Pop Set Using Only Pipes and Flip-Flops


This Street Performer Will Blow Your Mind via his Incredible Live House/Techno/Pop Set With Only Pipes and Flip-Flops
For as along as anyone can remember, street performers have drawn in and dazzled large crowds with their ingenuity and genuinely entertaining acts. With flip-flops in hand, and an intricate PVC pipe contraption readied, this particular performer enchants a burgeoning group of passers-by with a live musical set that features house, techno, and even pop sounds. He even takes it a step further by tossing in Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy‘ and The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army‘ into the fold (Skip to 2:58). This man has officially raised the bar for street percussion bands. Delay no longer, press play, and be amazed by this spectacular display!