Alesso Reveals Information On New Album in UMF Interview


Alesso Reveals Information On New Album in UMF Interview
Good news Alesso fans: there is an album in the works right now and it is set to release in early 2015 on Def Jam Records. In an interview with UMFTV after his set at Ultra Japan Alesso said that the new album will be dropping in early next year and that his smash-hit ‘Heroes‘ will be the first single off of it. While he didn’t give us much, he brought out “Mr. Def Jam” Steve Bardo, who had this to say when asked for more details on the album: “We want to surprise people, we’ve been working really, really hard but he (Alesso) is a master craftsman, and it’s going to be amazing when it comes out.” While there is nothing really substantial here, fans have a lot to look forward to: along with ‘Heroes‘ Alesso has been playing ‘Sweet Escape‘ and ‘Scars‘ at most of his sets this year, and neither have been officially released. If they are to shine any light on what the new album will look like, then the future is bright. Listen to Alesso’s UMF Japan set below for the new material he hinted at and be sure to stay tuned for any news on the new album.

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